I can enthusiastically recommend Alex and the LUXX team. Initially, we too were hesitant about our exhibition stand and the whole experience of part-icipating at a fair in China. But Alex opened the way for problem free colla-boration thanks to his great communication, advance notice on what to ex-pect and onsite solution focusedapproach. Our stand turned out to be gre-at. We did have several issues to deal with and Alex & LUXX were with us to guide us with their experience. 
我可以非常激动地推荐 Alex 和 LUXX 团队。刚开始,对于参加中国展会,我们也是非常犹豫不决。多亏 Alex,凭借其出色的沟通能力,对于所有问题的提前预判,还有现场对于突发状态的及时解决,让我们的展台看起来太棒了。我们总是有一些特殊问题要解决,Alex和 LUXX 团队总是可以凭其丰富经验给我们以正确引导。
- Hülya BAL
I see you have met Alex. I have worked with himfor a few years and it has always been an excell-ent experience. He truly cares about deliveringgreat quality that can meet the expectations of clients from the US and Europe. I can also say t-hat he is very detail orientated and responsive during the planningprocess so you feel at ease le-ading up to a show. 
很幸运你碰到了 Alex。我和他合作多年,每一次合作都是非常棒的经历。他非常在意他们是否能够提供最佳品质,满足来自欧洲或者美国客户的期望要求。我可以说他非常注重细节,而且整个合作过程里面的快速反馈,会让你们觉得一切变得容易和轻松。
- Brian Spurlock
I have been cooperated with Alex on a project for food exhibition. He is very responsible person and very helpful with the design on the paper and booth on the scene. Never over-promise anything but he will come up with correct, sincere and applicable suggestions/ideas. Thank you so much Alex for helping me!
我和 Alex 在食品展合作过。 他是一个非常有担当有责任心的一个人 , 他看重设计 , 更看重如何在现场实现设计。他从来不会过分承诺,但是对于任何一个问题,他总会给出一个正确、真诚和有效的回答或建议。非常谢谢你的帮忙和有效的回答或建议。非常谢谢你的帮忙 Alex。
- Lynn Na Lin
best choice for efficiency and professionalism
- Qiana TANG
Alex built our booth at Electronica China. We were absolutely happy with the good preparation and his attention to details.
Alex 搭建了我们在中国电子展上的展台。我们非常满意他的精心准备和策划,当然还有他对于细节的专注。
- Jonas P. Proeger
We have been collaborating with Alex & LUXX for a long timeand we only have amazing words about them. We strongly recommend their services.
我们和 Alex&LUXX 合作了这么长时间,对于他们我们只有好话称赞。我们可以强烈推荐他们的服务。
- Alberto Sanz
Alex is one of the best professionals I've ever worked with.Always proactive and quick to find a way to solve problems.Great!
Alex 是我共事过的最专业的合作伙伴之一。总是非常主动和迅速地解决所有问题。很棒!
- Emiliano Gatti
Alex has been managing international clients with LUXX/MASSHOW for over a decade now with amazing success: clients were that happy that they always came back to him, trade show after trade show. Alex is extremely responsive despite the workload and the time difference, and 100% trustworthy and honest.
Alex 现在已经有 10 多年的国际项目管理经验,并且有了令人羡慕的成功。所有的客户总是一次又一次地找他合作。不管工作强度如何,也不管是在什么时区,Alex 总是能够迅速反馈,而且 100%值得信任,100%真诚。
- Phil Jordan
Alex Millar was our Project manager during the exhibition"Education plus" in Nanjing. In the run-up to the exhibitionhe supported us with a competent planning. The building ofthe booth was very professional. We can highly recommendhim for exhibition design and implementation.
Alex 在南京教育展上是我们的项目经理。在整个过程中,他给我们提供了非常有竞争力的策划。而展台的搭建也非常专业。我们可以强烈推荐他们的服务。
- Christiane Blum
We got the challenge as an small company to exhibit in China,client was quite demandingand it was our first collaboration. Alex since day 1 made the job easy, communication,solutionsand the overall experience was really positive. The only painfuldetail of the holeexperience, was the jetlag. JLooking forward to collaborate with you again.
作为一个小公司,在中国参展是一个挑战,而客户的要求又非常高,又是头一次合作。Alex 从第一天开始就让工作变得简单起来,而他的沟通能力和丰富经验对我们来说真的非常棒。可能整个过程中唯一痛苦的感受是时差问题:-) 希望能和你在再次合作,Alex。
- Ana Oma
Alex is a well skilled Project Manager, he always take care of every small single detail toensure the total success of your p-roject. I have to say that he is a really nice person andwhen y-ou work with him he makes things easier, being in touch withyou 24/7 and givingyou answers really fast. I hope we can ke-ep working together for a lot of years more! ;)
Alex 是一个非常专业的项目经理。他非常在意每一个小细节,以保证整个项目的成功完成。我不得不说他是一个非常好的合作伙伴。当你和他合作的时候,他总是能让工作变得简单,24/7与你保持联系,快速回答所有问题。我希望我们能够再合作更多年。
- Estefania Torrecillas Zapata